What is Shoot & Play Date™️?

Shoot & Play Date™️ Is where motherhood meets fun education. You attend a pre-arranged Play Date somewhere around Houston with your children and bring your camera along. At all points throughout the date as the kids play, you will be taught easy to digest camera tips and overwhelmed with encouragement to help you take better pictures.


How does it work?

Each play date will begin with a camera/photography lesson that can easily be applied right away. While the children play, we will mingle with each other as well as continue the lesson throughout the play date with questions and additional help. You will put the lesson into practice right away by photographing your kiddos doing what they do! Topics will be disclosed via email once your seat is purchased and a take home document will be supplied at the end of the play date recapping what have you learned! (Each Shoot & Play Date™ has a max of 10 seats available)

What does the cost cover?

The cost ($10) covers one adult (18 yrs+) and all the children you’d like to tag along! You also gain entrance into a private Facebook group and will receive quick read materials related to the play date that you attend.

***Note: Entrance into paid locations is the responsibility of the attendee (Ex: Houston Zoo).***

Do I have to have children to join?

The short answer is NO! If your children are in school during the scheduled play date or are too cool to attend that’s ok, too. It is asked that you respect other attendees children and ask their permission to photograph their children.


How old do my children have to be to attend?

Honestly, there isn’t an age limit! Most attendees have children under 10 years of age, however, if your older child wants to come and enjoy the outing load ‘em up and come on out! Just keep in mind the location of each date - wouldn’t want to bore anyone!

What if I don’t have a camera?

Well that’s no bueno! You can absolutely attend and soak up the information, however, please understand that putting what you learn into practice is where it’s at! If you have an iPhone or other mobile device that allows you to adjust camera functions…that could work, too!


My camera is super old, will it work?

It sure will! If you have manual capabilities on an old SLR, DSLR or Point and Shoot then you are all set!


I have never really used a camera, will I be lost?

Not at all! Shoot & Play Date™️ Is made special for all levels, but more specifically it’s ideal for anyone just getting started (even if your camera is still in the box)!